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At least half an hour before and after the experts recommend outdoor sports, do not drink Coke. New Polo Mens Cotton jacket Vigorous outdoor exercise, drink a sports drink to health or helpful. In addition to sports drinks, the experts also recommended to drink water containing minerals replenish minerals is very important.
For many people, the outdoor sports Later bottle ice cola grunt drank down resort the belch, will feel “so cool”, but so cool not mean healthy. In the eyes of the sports nutrition experts, cola drinks is the least desirable after exercise, the fix will make their own “acidosis”.

People feel muscle and joint soreness and mental fatigue after exercise, mainly because of the sugar in the body, fat, protein decomposition, lactic acid, phosphoric acid and other acidic substances produced in the decomposition process, the body is acidic, while Coke The presence of carbon dioxide and phosphoric acid, and continue to drink human acid plus acid on the pH of the body is not and fatigue is not easy to expel. If these acidic substances can not be successfully removed from the body, you will like toxins accumulate in the body, increase the burden on the kidneys, resulting in acidosis.
Moreover, carbonated drinks will gastric mucosa irritation, people want to eat less. Coke, before exercise may cause flatulence, causing abdominal pain and other problems in the course of the campaign. Therefore, experts recommend at least half an hour before and after exercise, do not drink Coke.
Recommended outdoor sports drink sports drinks.
Sports drinks is no stranger to the supermarket, in recent years, there are a lot of brand sports drinks. Of course, the ensuing debate and ultimately, for example, some people think that sports drinks can not just drink. In this regard, the view of the experts is that the usual practice to drink sports drinks is not recommended, but after strenuous exercise, drink sports drinks to health or help.
Chen Wei introduced, when strenuous exercise, water metabolism rate accelerated the loss of large amounts of water; electrolyte metabolism process also accelerated, accompanied by a large number of electrolytes lost sweat. If you do not pay attention to fluid replacement during exercise, exercise-induced dehydration cause. “Some people say not drink for athletes, sports drinks ordinary people, in fact, not so exaggerated”, Chen Wei believes that professional sports drinks do more targeted for ordinary people, the popular sports drinks have been able to meet the body’s needs, drink the dedicated athletes drink overkill.
It is understood that sports drinks generally contain sugar and electrolytes, New Polo Mens Cotton jacket including the composition and content of the various nutrients can adapt to the physiological characteristics of the movement and the special nutritional needs. However, sports drinks and not everyone applies for high blood sugar or diabetes, should be particularly careful when drinking, high blood pressure, heart function, or kidney function bad, we should not drink a lot to avoid The burden on the heart and kidneys.
In addition to sports drinks, the experts also recommended to drink water containing minerals, sweat loss of sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals, mineral supplements in a timely manner is very important.

The weather is cold in winter and warm in mountaineering activities is particularly important. “Wind chill effect” or “cold water effect” and cause the body to lose body heat will cause the common cold, frostbite or even fatal. Winter climbers should pay attention to cold dampness, New Polo Mens down jacket to avoid loss of temperature.

Use and appropriate to carry climbing equipment, to develop good habits that will effectively prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of loss of temperature:

(1) The three Dress principle: winter mountaineering, just pay attention to the different clothes with, can be a good warm. Each a different kind of clothing are able to provide different functions. Therefore, layered clothing collection characteristics of different clothes, so that the body remains good exercise to achieve the function of perspiration, warm and windproof.
Under cold weather clothes, warm and windproof functions, to keep the skin dry inner layer of perspiration fast-drying clothing is also essential, therefore it is very important to select the appropriate equipment. Fact, outdoor sports, layered clothing can bring you the best results. Layered clothing is mainly divided into three for the bottom layer of clothing is the most personal clothing, the middle warm clothing, outer layer windproof clothing.
Underlying clothing: the first layer of the underlying clothing is the bottom, the most personal clothing, this layer clothing is especially important in cold weather. The cold weather clothing, especially stress levels, each level plays different functions, co-ordination, in order to achieve the desired effect. The underlying human sweat excreted in the shortest time to keep the skin dry. Because sweat will quickly take away the body temperature in the cold under the air may forge ice and therefore sweat as soon as possible to leave the surface of the skin, warm.
Middle warm clothing: second layer of mid-level warm clothing,Polo Men Down Coats  Fleece belongs to the man-made fibers, characterized by soft insulation, feel more comfortable than other warm clothing. Outdoor equipment should be used multilayer warm and thin clothing, therefore warm layer of clothing more appropriate than a large feather. Another feather coat is also very effective warm layer, down coat stressed to maintain body temperature down benefits Qingshenjianfei excellent and warm efficacy. Down jacket cloth charge down, the higher the more warm, its thermal properties are particularly suitable for cold weather and the ice and snow for activities.
Outer clothing: The third layer is the outer layer of clothing, the function of this layer wind and waterproof clothing. Because this layer directly touches the outside environment, therefore, the design of clothes and equipment very meticulous stress, such as: flexible hood, turn on the water cup inside the bag, while using a selection of high-performance fabrics.
(2) When the stop exercising, your body will feel cold. So the rest of the time you want to add clothing, and the rest of time should not be too long.
(3), even if the temperature is low, even during high-intensity exercise perspiration. Such as underwear, socks were wet with sweat, the body will disseminate a lot of heat. Reach the camping point or down should be immediately put on dry clothes.
(4), in the cooler areas of activity, hats, scarves, gloves can prevent the body to lose heat, should carry.
(5), climbers should carry a raincoat, and also windproof in addition to the rain outside.
(6), in case of an emergency, the emergency insulation blanket can effectively sustain life.

Outdoor sports, the exhaustion and the risk of the same uncommon. In July of this year, Shanghai had 14 Mix Exhaustive trapped the crossing Niutoushan process occurred, cable Fortunately, search and rescue in a timely manner caused no casualties. In view of the above circumstances,New Polo Mens down jacket  small summarizes some outdoor projects to save energy, hoping to benefit ALICE.


Stride little turtle step can take full advantage of our leg muscles toughness, more good save energy; regulation of breathing, trying to make his breathing and movement was paced, and try to do every step breathing again; on the downhill, more use of the muscles as much as possible to reduce the burden of the bones and joints; reasonable arrangements in the process of moving the rest time, and resupply with energy, and can loosen the laces not yet reached the camp, but it must be remembered before, do not take off your shoes.

Before climbing 10-20 minutes to do some stretching exercises, try to relax muscles; climbing less talk, do not yell loudly, New Polo Mens Cotton jacket reduce oxygen consumption toe style move, easy to let the heel heavy and cause the tendon to feel more comfortable, reduce body weight, not only steady pace, it will also save your energy;, do not always run uphill to see the process of moving, people are likely to produce a fatigue generally retained to look yourself in front of thirty-five m appropriate ; break, to minimize the number of sit down, you should select the trunk leans about to alleviate his legs bears, relieve stress. Down to relax the downhill must control his footsteps, not rushed too fast, pay attention to relax the muscles of the knee, to avoid a greater pressure on the leg joints.
Rock Climbing:

Skills strong project, strong, does not necessarily make you become the master, the economy of movement, preventing the pump fatigue, as well as in the rest of the climb in the maximum, so you get half the result with twice the effort. Climb before you should first determine the break point, in addition to the break point elsewhere chalk up and rest. Between the two break points to be passed as soon as possible; Do not hold more than 5 seconds in each hand point quickly through the of those metamorphosis small point; changing the point you grab as much as possible, between grips fingers and wrist in the process.

Oppression: when sitting on the cushion, the body weight of pressure on the small area of the cushion, it will produce a very large pressure, compression of the capillaries, affect blood circulation.
Shear force and friction: when pedaling causes the body to occur slightly swaying in the saddle, fashion wholesale clothing  friction cushion edge, friction, friction and heat, soon lead to pain and skin damage. The role of oppression and cushion friction shear force combined with further increased blood circulation disorders.

Moisture: sweat brought wet more increased shearing force.
Temperature: When riding, skin temperature, especially perineum temperature will be significantly increased. The rise in temperature to speed up the metabolism of the skin, blood circulation disorder occurs in the compression and shear force, the skin because they can not get sufficient nutrients and began to necrosis.
Your body and cushion the contact part of the skin due to four main reasons mentioned above,karen millen blue V-neck dress DN266  do not have adequate nutrition, and cause pain, tissue necrosis, ulceration. Like this connective tissue of the skin and are more prone to fester because of poor ability to self-repair.
After the long ride, these parts of the skin will be red hot this case generally will be restored after the night. But also prompts you to control the frequency of good riding, especially in the preparatory work to do before riding to prevent these situations from occurring.

Alpine Skiing feet each riding a snowboard, each hand holding a ski pole, glide down from the mountain ski project. Alpine skiing is a symbol of the essence of skiing. Whether it is for fun, watch the game or the ski slopes will always come into contact with some of the terminology, following you explain what these terms mean.
Alpine skiing snow sports in nature on the slopes, has a distinctive natural attributes. Alpine skiing is a symbol of the essence of skiing, the main items of the popular ski. In the the Alpine Skiing technical seminar, learning, and practice, you will be involved in many of the terms,Haglofs Clothing  key terms will now be summarized as follows, in accordance with the practice of skiing seriously comprehend.
Gravity: the skier’s weight can be roughly understood as gravity. The proportion of the gravitational force between the pairs of skis bearing conversion (referred to as conversion) of gravity, also be understood as the weight of the conversion.
Focus: the role of the gravity of the human body. Direction of the center of the earth. Human static upright position of the center of gravity is generally below the belly button in front of the third sacral vertebrae of 7 cm, female center of gravity slightly lower than that of men.Mens Haglofs Verte Jacket Dark Blue  If the human body is understood to be a left, right, front, rear symmetrical vertical object, the center of gravity is certainly in the left and right, front and rear both symmetric cross-sectional center line. The center of gravity of skiing, sometimes in the body, sometimes in vitro. The moving direction of the center of gravity in the skiing is multidimensional, i.e. front, left, up and down movement of Synthesis.

The center of gravity of the exchange: generally refers to the transformation of both sides of the weight around the middle of the ski process.
The center of gravity of the projection point: generally refers to the center of gravity and the center of the earth connection through snow.
Load or load-bearing: generally refers to the to snowboarding bear the main weight (or weight-bearing leg, weight-bearing foot).
Force (pressure): generally refers to the pressure applied by the combining force of gravity, or by gravity and muscle internal forces on the skis (legs and feet).
Support area: generally refers to snowboard in the snow surface location and plate-type, plate-bit (sometimes also consider the support of ski poles) formed supposedly stable area.
The fall line: a ball from the top down the hill along the hillside complete straight line does not change the running direction of the scroll. Perpendicular to the fall line map contour (drop line).
Downhill: refers to the hillside to hillside along the fall line basic straight glide.
Turn: snowboarding down the hill about switching back and forth from the hillside to the running direction of the glide. Competitive skiing called rotation.
Hill climbing or mountaineering: refers to to wear snowboard moving to the hillside above.
Plate type: two skis in the snow surface or space form the Alpine Skiing plate dual-board parallel plates, plow plate, scissors board type.
Dual-board parallel plate (parallel plate type): two skis were parallel form, sometimes sliding surface is flat on the snow surface; sometimes double-snowboard an edge parallel cut or engraved in the surface of the snow.
Plow plate: double snowboard was before the narrow width of the form, Spyder Mens Pinnacle Jacket Blue/black/grey double snowboard usually erected inside edge. The plow plate also includes a semi-Plough plate.

Scissors-board type: double snowboard was the former wide narrow form, including a snowboard will leave the snow surface in space. The two skis can not at the same time gliding on the snow surface.
Board bit: the location of the two skis in the snow surface or space.
Snowboard traces: the ramp left traces the skis running in the snow surface.
Ski pole traces: ski pole circular traces left in the snow surface support.
The turning arc track: refers to the process of turning, snowboard traces of slipping out of the snow surface, generally Half-style arcuate. Turning arc track is one of the snowboard traces.
Turning arc: Center curve track turning arc. Protruding side called outside of the concave side is called the medial.
Turning radius: the turning arc with the inside of the imaginary center of the circle of connection. The rotation of the turning radius is generally between 11-16 meters.
Turn the radians (rotary arc): the decision by the turning radius. The larger the turning radius, the larger the cornering radians; the smaller the turning radius, the smaller the turning radians.
The turning elements: the main factor in the transition, mainly referring to gravity (weight), with a blade plate.
Lateral plate (legs and feet): Refers to the outside of the turning arc skis (legs and feet).
The inside of the plate (legs and feet): refers to the the turning arc medial skis (legs and feet).
Yamashita board (leg): in the slopes of the lower side the snowboard (leg). Generally outside snowboard (leg).
The hill board (legs): in the hillside on the side the snowboard (leg). Generally within the snowboard (leg).
The active plate: bird skis, ski during cornering to play a leading role in the negative significant bird skis, generally outside of snowboarding or Yamashita board.
Follower plate: Ski process of turning the bird can not afford a leading role skis, weight-bearing small or non-weight-bearing bird skis, generally inside snowboard or hill board.

Every man should have a French shirt, French shirt is the most chic place must be double-stacked sleeves exquisite design, doubled stacked close together, and then with the exquisite cufflinks gleaming and shining, otherwise ordinary shirt will create no to unparalleled elegance luxurious atmosphere, fashion clothing wholesale the original the shirt male image quite satisfactory also will therefore become pleasing shine.

Classic style, delicate style shirt is popular with a single product shine flagship fashion arena this year, although in recent years to wear the styles changing, but the style of men’s dress shirts still maintain the classic qualities of, while retaining the original on the basis of the classic design, the designers maximize their keen fashion sense, fabrics and details to make a fuss, the quiet calm color design, excellent structure design, exquisite collar design a large number of applications in a dress shirt and casual shirts in everyday life, you certainly not difficult to find that the shirt with Zhou Zheng able image not only the favorite choice of the charm of the men, but also became the best dressed women were charmed.

Luxury articles

Shirt cuffs should be slightly exposed suit cufflinks “that wearing a regular suit wearer must know, from history to be traced back, in fact, this is not a suit wearing rules, but the rules of wearing shirt. Cuff exposed it is more perfect it is, then how to dress up in order to highlight the clean and beautiful cuffs?

Every man should have a French shirt, French shirt is the most chic place must be double-stacked sleeves exquisite design, doubled stacked close together, and then with the exquisite cufflinks gleaming and shining, otherwise ordinary shirt will create no to unparalleled elegance luxurious atmosphere,Timberland Men Lapel Short T-shirt Black white and purple  the original the shirt male image quite satisfactory also will therefore become pleasing shine.

Simple articles

Most of the time invested in the work white-collar elites not only focus on the abundance of material life, more concerned about the spiritual quality improvement, they need more intimate shirts to enhance their image in the workplace, the shirt becomes not simply a shirt, more a spirit of joy, a soft, lightweight fabric, pure color stripe design, fashion shirts these elements is simple and elegant, the wild without error, let you enjoy the high quality and happy life in a busy work experience wearing bring confidence and charisma.

Environmental articles

Modern fashion have higher requirements on environmental protection and health and designers to capture that in the fabric of choice efforts, using Tencel completely decomposed in the soil characteristics of green fiber fusion advanced techniques to design environmentally friendly shirt, this shirt absorbent than ordinary cotton shirt more than 50%, as the environment, climate change, quickly released from the moisture, humidity control function to reduce bacterial growth effect. Another advantage is that such fibers may be in the soil was completely decomposed, will not pollute the environment.

Comfortable papers

Health dress “the 21st century has become the leading fashion and fashion concept, both International Fashion Week in New York, Tokyo, London, Hong Kong, or in the major top fashion stores, mainly to high-grade cotton cloth cotton fashion has become the absolute protagonist, and set off a worldwide wave of fashion trends, and to experience the cotton is not only fashion, but also one of the most simple to the body and mind to temporarily return to natural methods.

Simplicity with fashion dynamic characteristics. The personal version of the type, Polo Clothing  smooth contour lines. Double-breasted design with hooded collar cut, energetic, dynamic, wild evergreen models, suitable for all occasions. Designed to break the traditional side seam and back panels slit trench coat wrapped stringent version of the type, exudes a unique charm of dynamic.

Personality sportsman street influx take the fall, fashion wholesale clothing around the tide Street beat most practical dressing with the skills to help you easily create hyun Street LOOK … want to be Fashionable Male, it refused to regulatory compliance rules to wear clothes , will mix and match in the end.

Gracious man focus meter pursuit of quality of life, and the trend of brand awareness as much as girls, take a look at the stylish men dress with autumn take you to the streets of China, chasing the tide of fashion taste freedom rebellious young thinking, understanding of the acceptance of focused dedication. Vying for the fashion pioneer men.

Leave a message

When leaving dangerously, to leave some signal substance, to prepare for that rescuers can find. factory wholesale outlets The ground signal objects the rescuers understand your position, or the position of the past, directional pointer to help them find your path of action. Along the way you want to continue to leave instructions marked, and do so not only allows rescue workers to search for and to their own wish to return, it will not get lost – if disoriented, could not find want to go the route, it can become a wizard.

Direction indicator include:

(1). Rocks or gravel pieces placed into the flechette.
(2) support the sticks among the branches to the top, pointing in the direction of action.
(3). In Juancao in the upper part of the Department of knots, so that the tip bent indicative of action.
(4). Placed on the floor of a forked branch, bifurcation point point of action.
(5) with the small stones 垒成 a large rubble stones came alive again in the edge of a small point of action.
(6). Said with a deep in the trunk of the arrow-shaped groove of action.
(7). Crossbones stick or stone means that a workable option.
(8) the obvious three rocks, stick or brush to convey the meaning of the signal, indicating a dangerous or emergency.

Any case should be left at least a pot of drinking water, but the source of life-saving in dangerous circumstances, the situation appeared without water for long distance travel is dangerous. Can not find ready-made drinking water or living in desperate drought can use the following approach to find drinking water.

· Melting snow or rainwater, Spyder Womens Breaker Jacket Pink snow and rain after bleaching, filtration and after boiling drink directly available can be a variety of containers to collect rainwater, then disinfect drinking clarify.

· Ground steam water law: a depth of about 20 cm of the bowl-shaped pit dug in the wet sand, into the water receiving container at the bottom, covered with transparent plastic sheeting on the ground, surrounded by sand pressure on the middle Gently press a small stone. Groundwater by evaporation in plastic sheeting on the cold case of condensed water drops people bowl Although this method is slow but absolutely Health.

· Plant water law: Some plants like bamboo middle is empty, and often there is water collected can be used for drinking water. Up in the morning to collect the dew on plant leaves or use of plant transpiration, a plastic bag in the plant’s thick twigs bar tied bag collection, but also emergency.

This summer who did not want a serious dress made ??lifeless, so beautiful single product definitely save your secret weapon this season men can finally make a fuss about the color,G-Star Courier Recolite Hooded Jacket  very navy blue mercerized cotton drape shirts, colorful Peas shoes are a good choice. With respect, the emergence of the printing becomes as it should be. If you dare to try men of color stand-up collar, a unique cut V-neck thoracotomy linen shirt, a fashion choice in the summer.

Tooling casual pants! Leisure big pockets decorated, a bright spot is essential to highlight the theme of leisure. Comfortable slant pockets, the primary focus, human comfort and fit are nouveaux riches shopping needs!